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Guide to Buying CD Copier Systems

Posted in CD Copier on May 4th, 2007

There are many questions for consumers to consider when thinking about buying CD copier systems. While most CD copier systems perform the same basic function, other factors such as price, speed, and internal vs. external all play a part in making a buying decision. In this article, we’ll take a look at these important factors while putting together a simple guide to buying CD copier systems.

The first question asked by most consumers is “How much does it cost?” While money does play a major role in most buying decisions, CD copier systems may be an exception. The reason for this is that most quality CD copier systems can be had for less than $50. Keep in mind that this is for CD copier systems only, and does not include systems that also have DVD copying capabilities. With that being said, you are definitely better off spending $50 for a high quality system, rather than trying to save a buck (or $20) by purchasing an inferior CD copier. These cheaper systems may work fine initially, but will probably experience problems quicker than the higher priced models.

The next consideration for consumers is the speed at which they want to copy CD’s. This will vary from person to person, and will be dependent upon how many CD’s you will be copying. If you have the need to copy a large number of CD’s in a short amount of time, you would probably want to purchase a fast copier. What defines a fast CD copier? The speed at which a CD copier operates is defined by its X rating. The X in these ratings refers to how many times the original transfer rate of a CD. A CD has an original transfer rate of 150 KB per second, so a CD copier that reads or writes at say a speed of 32X would be roughly 4.8 MB per second. These X ratings will tell how fast a CD copier records, rewrites, and reads, and the maximum speed for any CD copier is 52X. This speed would generally copy a 650MB CD in about 2 and a half minutes! For the sake of comparison, a speed of 24X would still get the job done in about 3 and a half minutes. As you can see, the question of speed is certainly subjective, and the difference between top speed and mid speed is not that great.

One last thing to consider when buying a CD copier system is whether to purchase an internal or external system. Internal drives tend to be slightly cheaper than externals, but can be intimidating to those who are unfamiliar with installing a drive into a PC. On the other hand, external drives might perform at a slower speed, but are very easy to connect and also have the benefit of being portable.

This guide to buying CD copier systems should help you choose a copier that is right for you. In addition to the tips provided in this article, it is also a good idea to do research regarding the CD copier you are considering. By purchasing your CD copier from reputable sources and using a bit of common sense in addition to this guide, you will find the best CD copier system for you.